What is Zmaaya

​Zmaaya is a client management software that streamlines your practice. Our cloud based system securely saves client records. Clients can easily submit intake forms by email & the therapist can integrate information into the easy to navigate client dashboard. Management plans can be developed from our standard templates or can be generated from your own plan library. Client outcomes can be measured against standard outcomes or outcomes developed by the therapist.

Therapist Dashboard

​The landing page of the applicaiton is the therapist dashboard. This dashboard gives you a a borad view of your day. It shows the pending tasks for your clients, your upcoming appointments and information related to intake forms. You can run your entire day from this dashboard by navigating to your clients, appointments and/or plans.

Automated & Confugurable Cient Intake

Get rid of paper client intake forms!  Zmaaya lets your client fill out the client intake form in the comfort of their home and then submit it securely to Zmaaya. You can also configure the client intake form according to your practice and needs. When you have a new client or need updated health history of your client, just one click and your client gets an email with their personal link to filling out the client intake form. All the information is stored securely over secure connection so no need to worry about losing this precious information. 

Client Dashboard

​See all of your client information in one place including their health history, notes from past appointments, their progress, goals and much more. This help you connect deeply with your clients and lets your client know that you care for them and their goals. Imagine your next appointment with your client and you are able to show them their unique dashboard with all your notes, outcomes and assessments from past session. 

All your plans at your fingertips

Zmaaya lets you keep track of all the plans that you have ever used with your clients. This is specially useful for yoga therapists and physical therapists where you can keep the whole session in a sequence. Zmaaya also lets you create action plans for the clients that can be stored as a pdf and then emailed to the clients.