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-Follow the links to the registration screen

- Complete the personal details 

- Add your password

- Click the Terms & Conditions box 

- Click Register

- An email will be sent to your registered email - click the link in the email to verify your email

- complete the setup screens

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connecting to your external calendar (Google Calendar)

- follow the link on the Therapist Dashboard to connect to the external calendar (Google)

- You can connect your email account to a gmail calendar by linking the accounts

Making a plan 1.png

Management Plans

- Click Plan in the heading tabs to be take to the plan dashboard.

- Generic Plans are plans that are developed for general use not for a specific client. An example might be – a general management plan for knee pain.

- All Plans – is a list of all the plans that have been developed & have been saved to the library.

- The management plan can be developed utilizing the existing data under various tab headings – other, pranayama, lifestyle guidance, yoga mudras, asana, meditation, chanting, yoga bandha & kryas exercises.

- The therapist can utilize existing data or add their own data by adding a plan component.

- Develop a management plan by clicking the + icon beside the plan component.  

- Prioritize the plan components by dragging them up or down your plan list.

- Set the duration or repetitions for each component.

name your plan & save it to the library.

- Add notes to each component if required.

save plan to the plan library for use at a later date or utilize library templates for new clients.

- Save plans to PDF file & email to the client.

Screen Shot Appointment PM.png

adding a new appointment

- New Client Appointments can be added from the Therapist Dashboard or the Client Dashboard.

- After saving the appointment information the appointment will appear in the Therapist Dashboard, CLient Dashboard and your specified Google Calendar.

Client Dashboard Filled.png

client dashboard

- The client information can be edited at anytime on the client dashboard. 

- A unique client identifier (client:Z000) is generated for each new client. This identifier is utilized by the calendar application.

- Completed intake forms sent by the client will automatically populate the lower section of client dashboard.

- The client input cannot be edited by the therapist however the therapist can add notes to the intake form or can complete the intake form along with the client if required.

- Therapists Assessment – the therapist can input additional assessment notes under the tabs Ayurvedic assessment & Clinical reasoning.

- Summary Assessment – the therapists can add an introductory summary SOAP note of the client.

- ‘Session’ notes – the client appointment will appear under this tab. This tab can be expanded to reveal selected session outcome criteria & is where SOAP notes can be added & saved for each session.

- Once the notes have been saved they are not editable.

- Add client goals –  client goals can be added & updated under the ‘goals’ tab.

- Tasks related to the client activities or reminders can be added & checked off once completed

- Setting Outcome Measures – During the set up process you will be asked to select up to five (5) outcome measures. These will be the common measures utilized during your therapy sessions.

- A management plan can be developed for use by the therapist (S = session plan) or for the client to utilize at home (A = activity plan). Click on S or A in the session tab to open the Plan dashboard.

- S = Session Plan - the plan that a therapists develops to use during a session.

- A = Activity Plan - the plan developed by the therapist for the client to take home/away to use between sessions. It is envisaged that this plan may be a scaled down or condensed version of the session plan or contain only parts of the session plan.

- Attach documents or pictures to the session notes.

- Clients can be referred to another provider utilizing  the referral arrow  icon in the client information section.

- Email clients from the Client Dashboard in order to improve engagement between session.

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Two Factor Authentication

- Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, two step verification or TFA (as an acronym), is an extra layer of security that is known as "multi factor authentication" that requires not only a password and username but also something that only, and only, that user has on them, i.e. a piece of information only they should know or have immediately to hand - such as a physical token.

- Zmaaya platform utilizes Google Authenticator as the Zmaaya 2FA.

- download the Google Authenticator application to your mobile device or computer and follow the instructions to synchronize your devices.

Intake Form SetUp 3.png

Intake Form Setup

- Setup intake form – click on the therapist picture icon top right corner & choose ‘ intake form setup’. You will be taken to the client information screen (not configurable). - There are multiple tabs & multiple questions that can be added to your standard intake form.

- Mark the questions that you would like to appear in your intake form. If you would like to add your own questions

- Click the ‘+’ icon and type the question you wish to appear on your intake form. As intake forms remain relatively standard & rarely change take some time to       choose the questions, as this form will become your standard intake form for all clients.

- Send intake form – intake forms can be sent at the time a client is added to the system or from the client dashboard utilizing the ‘mail’ * icon.

Client List.png

Client list

The client list allows you to see all of your clients in one place.

- You can search the list using the search function

- Click on the client name and you will be taken to the Client Dashboard

Screen Shot Referral List.png

Referral List

- If you commonly refer to external providers or providers within your own practice you can utilise this space to store all of your common referral providers. For example; physiotherapist, psychologist, massage therapist etc.

- To add to your referral list – click on the therapist picture icon top right corner &

choose referrals. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 12.20.33.png

Outcome Measures

- To set-up outcome measures for your client click on the menu bar and click on "Specify Outcome Measures'

- Check the outcome measures you would like to use

- You can select up to 5 outcome measures 

- Outcome measures will be the same for each client

- Select a client & open their client dashboard

- For each session that you complete for a client input the before and after outcome measure

- the outcome measure is a slider that indicates 1 = least & 10 = more

- save the data

- at the top of the client dashboard click the outcome measures graph icon

- the outcome measures graph will pop up

- select the date range

- select for 2 types of graph formats

- select which outcome measures you would like to see - single or multiple display

Lets Get Started.png

Setting Up Your Account

- Follow the link to ‘registration now’

- Our software functions best in Chrome or Safari

- Complete your registration details

- You will be sent a registration email

- Follow the link in the email to the ‘log in screen’

- Log in & follow the setup screens, accept the terms & conditions.

- The therapist dashboard will appear once you have completed the setup screen

Dashboard with Info.png

Therapist Dashboard

- add a new client – click the add client icon & add client details & choose to send the intake form.

- edit client details

- finding clients – click the clients tab at the top right side of the page & either open the client list or search for the client by name. - - Click the client name & open the client dashboard.

- add tasks related to a client by clicking the + icon in the goals section. check  - Completed tasks. A list of completed tasks can be reviewed.

- Intake forms that have been sent but not returned are listed in the ‘pending intake form’ tab.

- Intake forms that have been returned by the client will appear in the ‘incoming intake forms’ tab.

- Current appointments & future appointments will appear under the session tab.

- Appointments can be input through ‘sessions’ tab.

Add Client.png

adding a new client 

- Click on the 'Add Client' icon 

- Add the client information

- You can choose to send the intake form to the client now or at a later date - from the Client Dashboard or open the Intake Form in a new window. Please note that opening the Client Intake Form at the time of adding a new client will automatically log out of Zmaaya. This occurs in the instance where you might allow your client to complete their intake form on your computer. It reduces the risk of the client viewing other confidential information in an 'open' Zmaaya.

- Click 'Add New Client' 

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Deactivating your zmaaya account

- At anytime you can contact our Zmaaya Support Team and deactivate your account.

- If you wish to delete your account we require a confirmation email utilizing the same email as your Zmaaya account.

- At your request we can download your client information onto a CSV file.

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