Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Onboarding

I am trying to register but I keep seeing a circle with an arrow through it & am unable to register.

Please complete all boxes required for registration & check that you have entered the correct email. Check the acceptance of Terms & Conditions box. If the issue continues contact

I am unable to save my registration information.

Zmaaya works best on Chrome. Check your internet connection. Reload the page. Contact -

Intake Form

How can I add a new question to the intake form?

Click the section heading under which you would like to see your question. Click the + icon at the right side of the page & type your question. The question saves automatically. Check the box beside your question to ensure it is visible on your intake form.

Therapist Dasboard

How do I change to another Google calendar?

Contact and we will assist.

When I send the intake form to my client is that HIPAA compliant?

The Zmaaya intake form is sent in the form of a link to our servers? Therefore no client private information is sent over email. The client clicks the link and completes the intake form on our servers. The intake form link expires in 48hours.

Client Dashboard

Can I complete the intake form with my client?

Yes. On the client dashboard tou can click to complete the client intake form together with the client.

What do S & A symbols mean on the client session appointment?

The S standards for Session plan - you can attach your therapist session plan to the client session. The A stands for Action plan - this is the plan developed for the clients own personal use and may be different to the therapists session plan.

Management Plans

What are generic plans?

Generic plans are plans that you have developed that are not attached to a client session. For example these might include - Lower Back Pain Plan or Weight Loss Plan.

Session Notes & Outcome Measures

How do I add a session note for a client?

After making an appointment with a client go to the Therapist Dashboard or the Client Dashboard. Expand the section for the client you wish to add session notes. Check the meodaity provided. Add the before & after putcome measures. Input your session notes. Click save. Notes cannot be edited after saving however you can add addition notes that will be date stamped.

Can I edit my session notes after they have been saved.

You cannot change a session note once it has been saved. However you can add addition notes that will be dated stamped once you save them.